MYC Transit Custom 2012-2021 Rear Adjustable Brackets


Our newly released rear adjustable brackets to fit the Ford Transit Custom 2012-2020 models. read more




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The MYC rear adjustable leaf spring brackets have been manufactured to adjust the height of the Transit Custom after lowering.

These brackets can be used in conjunction with the MYC Transit Custom Rear Lowered Leaf Springs. (Not included, but available on our website)
These brackets will NOT lower the Transit Custom on their own.

There is a choice of 6 height settings that will suit all owners depending on the load being carried.

Unlike our competitors these brackets come powdercoated in a satin black finish. We do not leave our brackets untreated to rust out. The quality of the finish speaks for itself. We have even welded a nut to one of the brackets on each side just like the original hangers. Attention to detail is everything for MYC. Now compare our brackets to our competitors!!

These brackets are designed to fine tune the Custom at different heights once Lowered Leaf Springs have been fitted. These brackets are NOT designed to raise the height of the vehicle back to the original Ford specification from factory.
Should you have lowered your leaf springs to the lowest drop possible then these brackets will ONLY raise the height of the vehicle. They will not lower the vehicle any further.
Customers who carry heavy loads will need to think whether lowering the vehicle is appropriate for them.
If a towbar is being used you may need to relocate the tow ball higher or use a towbar mounting plate to do so.

These brackets are custom made per customer with a fast turnaround, however on some occasions we may have some stock. Please call to check availability.

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