Intrax Racing Transit Custom Front Coilovers 2012-2017

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MYC have teamed up with Intrax Racing to be a distributor to offer the first Transit Custom Racing coilovers in the UK.     read more




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One thing ModYourConnect are repeatedly asked is ‘do you stock coilovers for the Transit Custom?’ and we have always had to say ‘no’.
Until now ………………………….

MYC are now a retailer of Intrax Racing and offer the first Transit Custom Racing coilovers in the UK.
We are honoured to work with such a renowned company in the racing scene.
Some of you may not know that Intrax worked with the team behind Guy Martin on ‘Speed with Guy Martin’, season 3 episode 1 to produce the coilovers you see fitted to his Transit Custom, which hit over 170mph.

These coilovers are the elite of coilovers. You will not find better and that we can guarantee.

The Intrax 1K2 system is an upside-down system with a diameter of 45mm. This construction and thickness gives complete stiffness and less flex which is very important with a MacPherson system. This not only enhances the overall handling of the vehicle but also the feeling that the driver has with the vehicle.
The 1K2 shock is adjustable in height and has the damping ability. Each Intrax set is custom made per customer.
The coilovers can be produced for daily street use to race use.
Intrax uses one knob for the damping adjustment. With this one knob you can choose different damping settings. When you adjust the knob both rebound and compression will be adjusted in the correct damping force. This unique system makes it quick and easy to find the correct setup for your driving style and road conditions.
Intrax have even thought of fitting the damping system with a heat device (thermostat) to ensure damping force stability and optimum performance during all different operation temperatures. This is class in itself.

These coilovers are for the connoisseur customer. Beautifully refined and meticulously crafted to absolute perfection. These are for the customer who knows quality and class and above all knows ‘you get what you pay for’.

A HUGE thank you to Alan Sandifer who is our first customer to order these exquisite coilovers.
Alan certainly knows class and when you see his Custom it will make your balls shrink to the size of raisins.

These coilovers are custom made per customer and take around 3 weeks to manufacture.
However on occasions this timeframe may reduce or increase depending on the manufacturers turnaround time.

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