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Custom Fabrication

More and more customers believe we offer a precision custom fabrication service for exact fitment down to the millimeter for their vehicle. This is not a service we offer.
Although we retail after market parts they have all been test fitted by us to the associated vehicle before the goods were ever marketed for retail sale.
All parts fit the vehicle they were designed for UNLESS the vehicle has been modified, a part/s fitted stops the vehicle from achieving the desired drop or wear and tear stops the purchased part from being fitted.
All commercial vehicles have a tolerance during production and no commercial vehicle will ever be identical.
There will be a tolerance when producing new parts of at least +5mm or -5mm. This is unavoidable during the production process.
The same care is not taken by a commercial vehicle manufacturer as it would on a £200000 sports car.

Here are some examples of custom fabrication emails we have received:-

1) My spring O/D is 3mm different from your spring – can you change it!
2) My leaf spring locating pin is 5mm different – can you change it!
3) The front spring you sent me looks different to mine – I want the spring to look the same as the original spring!
4) The holes in the adjustable brackets you sent are not suitable for me – I would like them changed to my settings!
5) I am not happy with the colour of my spring – I would like a gloss black finish!
6) The rear of my vehicle is not low enough – Can you produce me a spring lower than what you retail!
7) I want your springs to fit another model type – Can you make them fit!
8) The final drop I have is too much can I send the springs back and get another set to my liking?

The above list is not endless and is only a small example of requests we have received.
Customers should not need to weld, bend, drill, fold, grind or make any major modifications to our parts to get them to fit UNLESS the area to which the part is to be fitted has been modified from standard, rubs or touches the part or the build quality affects fitment directly.
If this is the case modification may need to be made to the vehicle and not the part itself for it to fit correctly.