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Production Times / Vehicle Information / Stock Held / Custom Fabrication

GAZ Production Times

The average Gaz production time from receiving our order is 4 weeks.
This can increase and decrease depending on their current production run and during their peak seasons.
Gaz deal with hundreds of orders a week and they will not give us an exact date as to when a customer’s order will be ready. The orders arrive to our premises and upon checking them we then dispatch to the customer by courier.

Year of Registration / Vehicle Model

MYC does not use the year of registration or specific model type to locate parts for customers.
Customers must NOT use these details to locate a part for their vehicle as you could end up with the wrong part being produced which is non-returnable under UK Consumer Law as parts are custom produced for each customer.
The reason we do not do so is that many parts are interchangeable and depending on what the manufacturer has installed at the time of vehicle production may not necessarily be a recent part ie 2012 parts fitted on a 2016 model. MYC does not know what parts or optional extras are fitted to a vehicle nor do we have a Ford parts database to check.
All of our products are based on the Ford part number stamped to a vehicle component as a specific part number could fit various other vehicles in that range.

Vehicles produced for the North American Continent

Our springs are produced from UK variants for each vehicle type ie Connect, Custom, Courier etc which are also the same as European vehicles.
However vehicles in North America can be produced differently specifically for that environment and climate and do have different suspension parts fitted as such our parts may not fit correctly or may lower the vehicle differently.
As a UK based company MYC cannot be held responsible for parts that do not fit as we have absolutely no way of fitting and testing our parts to vehicles located in North America.

MS-RT Transit Customs

Many Transit Custom MS-RT models were NOT lowered during factory production and the fitted bodykit gives the optical illusion that the vehicle is lowered. Many owners of these vehicles are now realising that infact they have standard Ford leaf springs fitted instead of the optional MS-RT Eibach or Reiger leaf springs.
Should a vehicle indeed be fitted with the optional MS-RT lowered leaf springs the customer must ensure they know the fitted drop BEFORE purchasing any of our parts. Otherwise owners are purchasing parts they believe will fit when infact they will not and they are non-returnable under UK Consumer Law as parts are custom produced for each customer.
Vehicles purchased from MS-RT pre 2019 may have been factory lowered and it is imperative that the correct leaf spring drop height is obtained before ordering ANY parts. If unsure, please contact MS-RT directly.
We are informed by MS-RT that from March 2019 MS-RT will no longer factory lower their vehicles and instead offer lowering parts on a supply basis only.
If you own an MS-RT and are in any doubt, please DO NOT ORDER and contact MS-RT for advice or consult your vehicle purchase paperwork for information.

Fabrication Information & Spring Production Times

The average suspension spring production time is 1 – 2 days. All springs are custom made by the manufacturer.
The production time can increase and decrease depending on their current production run and during their peak seasons.
Our lowering springs are designed from the original Ford springs fitted to standard, unmodified, empty panel vehicles with original manufacturers equipment and depending on the model the original steel wheels fitted.
Should a customer have a different type of model from the above i.e 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17 or 18 seater, Hybrid, LPG, camper, rear twin wheel, 4×4, security or prison van, MK7/MK8 ambulance (4.6 tonne chassis), Luton, non-UK spec or excessive wear and tear, then it is more than likely a different drop will be achieved due to the weight increase and because of this MYC cannot guarantee the end drop result.
All springs have been tested during the design stage and fitted to test vehicles. Upon receipt of every order we measure the springs against the original design measurements to ensure correct production, correct length and diameter and top bearing fitment.
Springs are designed to give the drop advertised and MYC will not be held responsible for any other mitigating factors that increase the drop height from the advertised drop.

Stock Held

Products are custom made. This means that once the order has been submitted and the goods produced they are non-returnable under UK Consumer Law.
Parts cannot be returned because they are no longer required, ordered in error, exchanged for something else or change of mind however many months have elapsed after purchase.
The reason we do not hold many items in stock is that they can be revised or updated regularly by the manufacturer and we would not want to sell an older product to a customer.
Our website will always show an item available to order even if an item is custom made.
If you wish to check whether we do infact have an item in stock then please call us and we will confirm.

Custom Fabrication

More and more customers believe we offer a custom fabrication service for exact fitment down to the millimeter for their vehicle. This is not a service we offer.
Although we retail after market parts they have all been test fitted by the manufacturer to the associated vehicle before the goods were ever marketed for retail sale. All parts fit the vehicle they were designed for UNLESS the vehicle has been modified which stops the purchased part from being fitted.
All commercial vehicles have a tolerance during production and no commercial vehicle will ever be identical.
There will be a 5mm + or – 5mm tolerance when producing parts. This is unavoidable during the production process.
The same care is not taken by a commercial vehicle manufacturer as it would on a £200000 sports car.

Here are some examples of custom fabrication emails we have received:-

1) My spring O/D is 3mm different from your spring – can you change it!
2) My leaf spring locating pin is 5mm different – can you change it!
3) The front spring you sent me looks different to mine – I want the spring to look the same as the original spring!
4) The holes in the adjustable brackets you sent are not suitable for me – I would like them changed to my settings!
5) I am not happy with the colour of my spring – I would like a gloss black finish!
6) The rear of my vehicle is not low enough – Can you produce me a spring lower than what you retail!
7) I want your springs to fit another model type – Can you make them fit!
8) The final drop I have is too much can I send the springs back and get another set to my liking?

The above list is not endless and is only a small example of requests we have received.
Customers will not need to weld, bend, drill, fold, grind or make any major modifications to our parts to get them to fit UNLESS the area to which the part is to be fitted has been modified from standard.
If this is the case modification may need to be made to the vehicle and not the part itself for it to fit correctly.