Here is a selection of questions that MYC receive on a regular basis:

What days are you open?
MYC is open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am – 1.00pm.
Sunday and Bank Holidays – CLOSED

Are we UK based?
Yes. We’re based in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Is MYC VAT registered?
No. MYC is not VAT registered.

Can I send you an order by text message?
No. MYC does not trade by text message.

Are all of your products in stock?
No. Our products are custom made for each customer based upon their requirements.

An item is showing as ‘available’ to order’ so is it in stock?
The majority of items we sell are custom made and not held in stock however customers are welcome to contact us to check stock availability.

I want to use the year of registration to select my parts, can I do that?

No!! MYC does not use the year of registration or specific model type to locate parts for customers because it is not accurate enough to determine which parts are fitted.
Customers must NOT use the year of registration to locate a part for their vehicle as you could end up with the wrong part being produced
Many parts are interchangeable and depending on what the manufacturer installed at the time of vehicle production may not necessarily be a recent part ie 2012 parts fitted on a 2016 model.
MYC does not know and has no way of knowing what parts or optional extras are fitted to a vehicle especially if it has been modified by an owner previously nor do we have a Ford parts database to check.
All of our products are based on the Ford engineering part number stamped to a vehicle component as a specific part number could fit various other vehicles in that range.

Can the production times increase or decrease?
The production time can increase or decrease depending on the manufacturer’s current production run and during their peak seasons. The Coronavirus, lockdown and social distancing have also had a dramatic affect on production times.

Which courier and shipping method do you use?
MYC uses Parcelforce / UPS for UK deliveries and UPS for International shipments.
UK shipments can take between 24 – 48 hours for delivery.
International shipments depending on the country can take between 48 and 96 hours for delivery.

Why are there so many different variants of Transit Custom leaf springs?
The only answer we can think of is that Ford wanted to confuse everyone. So far we have found 60 different variants all with different camber angles and 2 different widths. As of 2019 Ford decided to confuse everyone further and reissue BK21 part numbers from 2012-14 with new camber angles!!

My vehicle has not dropped as much as I thought it would. The leaf springs must be defective?
The chances of a pair of leaf springs being defective is as close to winning the lottery, twice in 1 week.
Leaf springs are checked by the manufacturer as well as by us before shipment. If the leaf spring camber measurement is not correct they will not be dispatched.
Please see the following link: 
Customers may not be aware that when a vehicle is lowered other parts fitted that are still standard can and will have an affect on the vehicle dropping.
1) Shock absorbers reaching their maximum travel will stop the vehicle from lowering as they are a link between the axle and the chassis.
2) Rear roll bar link rods have also been known to affect the vehicle from dropping.
3) Assisters fitted under the main leaf spring to support the main leaf can also stop the vehicle from dropping.
4) Has the vehicle been lowered by a previous owner? We have seen it countless times when the leaf springs are removed and the camber checked to find that someone has already modified the part.
If your vehicle has not dropped as much it should please check other components fitted to the rear of the van.
No vehicle is ever the same as we regularly see especially with different models of vehicle and different parts fitted.
It’s all trial and error and the fun of modifying a vehicle especially when you get it right!!

Do you sell alloy wheels or bodykits?
No. We only sell suspension components on our website.

Are your leaf springs, coil springs and shock absorbers sold individually or as a pair?
Our leaf springs, coil springs and shock absorbers are sold in pairs on our website. However should a customer only require one to replace a damaged or broken part this can be arranged.