GAZ Transit Courier Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers 2014-19 (LOWERED)


The newly released Transit Courier GAZ Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers for owners who require parts for a Courier which has been lowered.     read more




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MYC were disappointed to find that there is not one UK retailer supplying aftermarket parts for the new Ford Transit Courier and we could not let this simply slide by unnoticed. It’s a cracking little van.
With the assistance of Gaz Shocks we are now the only UK retailer at the time this was listed to offer rear adjustable shock absorbers for the Transit Courier.
These are ideal if you wish to upgrade your original rear Ford shock absorbers to something which will allow you to adjust the damping ability and better the ride quality.

These shock absorbers are for vehicles that have been LOWERED and are fitted with the original Ford suspension.

Produced from the following Ford part numbers:-

Shock absorber EY16-18080-EB
Top mount 8V51-18A118-AA
Bottom bush 06082320
Dust cover AY11-18159-AA
Bump stop AY11-5K570-AA

Sleek and highly sexy these shock absorbers have an adjustable dial that can be turned to create a softer, medium or harder ride.

These shock absorbers are custom made per customer and take around 4 weeks to manufacture.
However on occasions this timeframe may reduce or increase depending on the manufacturers turnaround time.

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