GAZ Ultimate MK2 Transit Connect Coilover Kit 2019+

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The GAZ Ultimate MK2 Transit Connect Coilover Kit has arrived for vehicles 2019 onwards using Ford's redesigned rear springs. (Type 2 rear springs) read more
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24 kg
55 × 45 × 20 cm
Assister Springs:

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The GAZ Ultimate MK2 Transit Connect Coilover Kit has arrived for vehicles 2019 onwards using Ford’s redesigned rear springs. (Type 2 rear springs)
Now you can lower your Connect effortlessly and easily and with no axles to flip it’s so simple.

The front coilovers can be adjusted up to 80mm and feature adjustable damping, adjustable ride height and are provided with an on car multi point adjustment facility that adjusts bump and rebound settings.
The rear springs are lowered by 50mm.
The rear shock absorbers are 65mm lower than standard to take into account the new lowered ride height.
The coilovers and rear shock absorbers are damping adjustable.

GAZ shocks are fully rebuildable and serviceable and the bodies are zinc plated to protect against corrosion and MYC recommends GAZ coilovers for the ultimate ride.

There is an option to add assister springs to the kit which cushions and supports the main coil spring on the strut.
The assisters are designed to maintain location of the main coil spring when the car is raised for inspection or where there is a legal requirement (in some EU countries) for the main spring location.

It is strongly recommended to set the coilover damping to half way, fit and then test drive as to keep adjusting requires extensive removal of vehicle parts to gain access to the strut mounting bolts.

Some vehicles due to late registration may have the older Type 1 rear springs fitted even though the vehicle is registered 2019. It is imperative to check which type of rear springs are fitted as once the kit is produced the springs cannot be returned if incorrect. If in doubt please send us an image of the springs fitted and we will confirm the type.
Using the year of registration is NOT accurate enough to determine which springs are fitted and will result in the wrong parts being ordered.

This kit is custom made per customer and takes around 4 weeks to manufacture.
However on occasions this timeframe may reduce or increase depending on the manufacturers turnaround time.

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24 kg
55 × 45 × 20 cm
Assister Springs

No, Yes