MYC Ford Transit MK6 2000-2006 50mm Front Lowering Springs

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MYC are pleased to announce our Transit MK6 front lowering spring kit for 2000 - 2006 models. read more




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Due to the popularity and demand for our Transit MK7 front lowering springs MYC are pleased to announce our lowering spring kit for the Transit MK6 2000 – 2006 models.

The MYC springs have been designed to fit MK6’s from our 280S test vehicle fitted with the following Ford part numbers:-

Top Bearing YC15-18183-AG
Top Shield Plate YC15-18A028-AB
Shock Absorber YC15-18045-EE
Spring YC15-5310-AC (Red/Red) Ford Finis 4104709

Ford advise us that the above shock absorber and spring was fitted to a RWD 2.4 Transit MK6.
However please double check before ordering as we have not confirmed through fitment as of yet.

Our springs are uprated 20% compared to the standard springs and will give a 50mm drop.

These springs will fit the standard front shock absorbers using the original top bearing and designed in conjunction with our newly released MYC Transit MK6 Lowered Leaf Springs.

Don’t risk lowering your MK6 the old fashioned way of strut dropping and hoping that the shock absorber does not fall through the hub smashing into your driveshaft. This way is not recommended and is the ‘cowboy’ way of lowering the front of a MK6 Transit.

Springs are custom made and take 1 – 2 days to manufacture depending on the supplier’s lead time.

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